Restaurant Benefits With Grubdom

Easily Managed Restaurant Admin 100% Control of your menu, hours of operation, prices

Screen Shots

Sales Reports Infographics

The most important thing — your sales — is the first thing you'll see when logging in to your restaurant admin panel. This report will be in a colorful visual infographic. Itemized and very detailed.

Complete Menu Control In Real Time

Easily edit the name, desciption, price, and add-on items to any selection on your menu. Anything not available for that day, or did a hot item sell out fast (could happen on Grubdom). Make it unavailable.

Your Restaurant Is A Digital Storefront

Post your hours of operation, accept pre-orders while closed. All information about your establishment is controlled in your admin panel.

Set Up An Image Gallery

Show off your tasty creations. Flaunt your fancy restaurant motif. Post photos of satisfied customers!

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