What is Grubdom?

Grubdom is a food ordering and delivery service platform. It's web based, so that means that you can easily use our website or mobile app to search for restaurants in your area by zip code, city name, or cuisine/dish, and place the order for delivery or pick up via the web. You can also make dinner/table reservations where offered.

How does my restaurant benefit from being on Grubdom?

Grubdom is more than a food ordering and delivery service; it's also a restaurant discovery platform as well. We blog about and review restaurants, which may introduce you to a crowd that you would otherwise never be exposed to! Our search feature is so fine tuned that people can find what the food that they want not only by area, but also by cuisine, specific dish, hour of operation and even price range! Grubdom eliminates geographical barriers such as distance that might deter someone from Girard coming to your restaurant in Canfield or Hermitage.

I don't see any other restaurants in my area on Grubdom. Can we still join?

Of course! Be the first! Blaze a trail! We will eventually expand into other areas nationwide. This is part of what our hashtag #ExpandTheGrubdom is all about. Feel free to sign your establishment up right here, nonetheless. When we are ready to begin service in your area, we'll contact you!

How much does it cost to have my restaurant on Grubdom?

There is no out of pocket or up front cost to join your restaurant to Grubdom. Listing is free. There is only a 10% commission on any orders that are placed through our system.

How will I know when an order is placed with my restaurant on Grubdom's site?

There are many ways for you, or someone on your staff to know when an order is placed. The system can be monitored with your restaurant's individual admin panel. You can log in to your admin panel with your desktop, tablet, laptop, or even your smart phone and watch the orders come in. Also, you can set sound-alerts so that your staff can be aware of the order notifications even if they are not directly monitoring the screen. Going further, you can set the system to send you email alerts, which are likely to come to your smart phone. This can be set to alert anyone on your staff of incoming orders and customer inquiries.

My restaurant doesn't offer delivery, can Grubdom service delivery orders?

Most definitely! We have a fleet of drivers for nearly every corner of the Mahoning Valley that will receive pings if they are near your restaurant after your staff has prepared the order. They will then deliver the order to the customer's location. Additionally, customers can make an order and then pick it up themselves if they so choose.

How will the order be paid for?

No order will come to your admin panel without first being paid for. Customers browse your menu after finding your restaurant via search for dish, cuisine, or restaurants in their area, and will place the order on our system - and pay in advance. After this, the order is sent to your admin panel where you can see what it is and then prepare it, and ultimately alert our system that it is ready for pick up. The payment process is the same for delivery and pick up.

I don't have time or staff to enter in our menu. Can you guys do it for me?

Yes, we certainly can. Someone on staff will do that for you.

I'm busy running a restaurant and don't want to have to figure out how to use the system on my own. Can you train me or my staff on how to use it?

Yes indeed! We'll make sure you know exactly how to use the system. It's quite easy and we've built it to cover almost any aspect of restaurant management as far as menus and order taking. We got you on this!

Can customers make table reservations on Grubdom?

Yes. Our system is built to allow your restaurant to offer table booking through our platform.

How does the money from orders come to my restaurant?

Our system is set up for immediate, daily, or weekly withdrawals of any money made by customers ordering from your restaurant via our system. You will get real time and up to date records of all orders placed with your restaurant via our system. Everything is 100% transparent!

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My kitchen and staff might not be equipped to handle all of the new orders that Grubdom will bring.

No worries there. You can easily turn your menu off for the times when you're getting too many orders, and to ease the load on your kitchen staff.

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